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There are so many ameteurs claiming to be great realters today. The market is flooded with inexperienced people that got their real estate license in the hope to make a few extra bucks without having to work too hard. That said; there are the minority that are professional and work for the best interests of their clients.

Our job is to help you sort the good from the bad and offer you the benefits of our team’s expertise and experience to make the best real estate decisions.

We do this by offering free advice and tips in our onsite blog. We also offer consulting services whereby we talk to home buyers and sellers via Skype to answer their questions and give them the info they need to get the best out of their real estate investment(s).

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“I wanted to buy a small commercial premises in a city I wasn’t too familiar with. I was at a complete loose end with regards to who to hire, what to do and how to go about putting an offer in. A friend recommended this website and after going through the blog, I scheduled in a consultation with Declan and that 30 minute Skype call was exactly what I needed. Thanks guys.”

Steven Robs

“Did you know that baking some cookies or bread on your ‘open house’ day could increase the chances of getting it sold? I didn’t until I talked with these guys! The blog section has great tips for newbies like me who never would have thought the smell of some home baking could help sell my home!”

Melissa Atkins