Ok, so you decided to sell your apartment and move. Lack of space, costly maintenance, new job… Whatever the reason, it is always difficult to leave a place you grew accustomed to. But, you have to make a decision and sell the place. Naturally, you want to sell the apartment at the best possible price for you and in a reasonable amount of time. Keep reading for a few tips which will help you out to do just that.


Find a good agent

Talk to your friends, family, neighbors and ask them for their experiences with real estate agents. Don`t just phone the first agent you spot online. Word of mouth is king in this profession, and good, experienced, professional agents are not easy to find. Rely on recommendations and advice from people you know. You should be able to know a lot about the agent after your first meeting based on the way he or she handles himself, how knowledgeable he or she is and how professionally he or she behaves.  After that, if you can check all the boxes, you know you have a good agent who will find the right buyer and sell your apartment for the right price.

Polish up the place

We are not talking about an overhaul or a major renovation. You would be amazed to see what a good clean-up can do. Hire professional cleaners who will deal with all the dust, stains and the dirt you may not notice at first. Be sure that a properly cleaned apartment will have a major effect on potential buyers.

Become a local guide

People who are moving into a new neighborhood do not have knowledge about the local streets: where the public transportation stations are, where are the good places to eat, where the parks, doctors, supermarkets and other important places are. So, devote a little time and compile a small tour guide about the neighborhood. Make a little map and point them out. Your buyers will be over the moon, and it will be so much easier to sell your place. After all: location, location, location.