So you have decided to sell your home, and the day has finally come, where potential buyers will visit your home.

Preparing your house for such visitors can be pretty darn stressful, but with the Urban Optimization guide here to help, it need not be!

Here listed are a few small steps you could take into consideration that may mean the difference between a sale or a refusal.

Try and Keep Cleaning to A Minimum:

Ideally, you will have cleaned your place to a sufficient enough level that only spot cleans will be required on the day. This way, there will be no harsh smell of chemicals present in the house when your potential buyers arrive.

If you have decided to do a little repainting, try and get it done the week before, and ensure to have plenty of air circulating through the house, to get the smell of paint out.

Remove Personal Items:

If you have family photos adorning your walls or frames littered around mantle pieces or shelves, remove them.

Potential buyers like to visualise themselves living in the properties they are visiting, and it is harder for this to be achieved if there are images of other people present.

Put your items into storage for when that sale happens!

Declutter Declutter Declutter!

Many of us like to leave certain items within reach, especially in kitchen areas. But to potential buyers, this may seem like clutter.

Try and keep the flat surfaces of your kitchen free from any items (of course you can leave the kettle, microwave etc where they are).

Incorporate Nice Smells in Your Home:

A real old, but effective estate agent trick is to have some fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen when potential buyers arrive. You can replicate this, or alternatively, bake some fresh bread, to fill your home with irresistible smells.

You could even use scents such as vanilla, cinnamon or Xmas style spices to boost the scents on offer.

If Gardening is Required, Have it done the Day Before:

The reasons for this are two-fold.

Firstly, you will have an opportunity to do any cleanup of grass trimmings that may be required. But the smell of freshly cut grass will also still linger in the garden. In addition, the grass won’t have had any sufficient time to grow unruly looking again.

Clear any leaves from around your property also, as well as any pesky weeds that may have made an appearance.

Give Potential Buyers Space:

When potential buyers arrive, by all means, be as friendly as possible, offer them a beverage etc. however, when it comes to exploring your home, given them the room to do so.

If they have questions, they will come and ask you, rather than you having to lead them round, providing answers to questions they may not even have asked!

Best of luck in your journey from us here at Urban Optimization!