Your family needs more space, and you decided to get a larger real estate. But you still haven`t worked out should you buy a house or an apartment. Your kids want a house with a green backyard to play in, but your wife wants a central location. It is not always easy to get the complete package and see that everyone`s desires are met. Keep reading and find out is it better for you to go for an apartment or a house.


Apartments are usually more affordable, cheaper to maintain, with a better location. Also, there are more of them, so the market is larger. They are easier to find and buy, and the cost of living in an apartment is lower. When we look at the disadvantages, the first thing we notice is that they are smaller (although there are very big apartments). Lack the comfort of a house, lack the additional buildings like a garage or a shed are also common, and they are usually hit by traditional problems of living in a city like noise, traffic jams, and crowds. However, not much can beat a centrally located apartment in a historic building.


Houses are temples of comfort, serenity, and peace. Living in a house means you have your driveway, your garage, your rooms, additional buildings and your backyard where nobody can disturb you. On the other hand, houses are large and usually cost more, they are more difficult to maintain simply because there is more stuff you need to maintain, and they are located in areas (usually) out of the city center, the suburbs. It means you need good public transportation or you need to buy a car. Choosing the right neighborhood may be the most important thing to consider when purchasing a house.